Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wine And Cheese Gift Sets Wine And Cheese Lovers.?

Wine and cheese lovers.? - wine and cheese gift sets

I have a basket for my brother loves wine for x-mas all types of wines and cheeses.I in a small town in Ohio, have no access to commercial importing live, and I like this which is not personally prepared to a voucher basket.So order (not brake the bank) of wine I said, I know you like cabernet sauvignon and port, but I have no idea what he calls names and Apoil does not claim surprise. And something other than wine, I mean, a mini wine rack or a sole trader or a jug of wine? Crackers with cheese or cheese and a cheese cutter Nice set? What would a lover of purchases for the perfect wine all.Thanks advance.


marisa tee said...

I say to get a basket of Nice, a napkin and placed red and white on the inside of smoked Gouda, Edam cheese, smoked cheese and parmesean Dubling Irish Guinness, cheese and three bottles of wine, a Merlot, Cabernet, Chardonnay, I recommend The Yellow Tail Wines by clicking a dive Cabot Oil (olive oil) and a few biscuits. Yes, and then add one cup of cheese.

sweetgir... said...

Heitz Cabernet is fantastic, the 2002 and 2003 are very good and slightly cheaper than in 2001. Probably cost about $ 25.00. A very good Chardonnay Connudrum is grateful and is only about 12 U.S. dollars.

I'm also into 2 large glasses of red wine.

Other ideas are the pumps that pull the oxygen into wine cork manufacturer after opening and drinking enable them later.

Finally, I like your idea of cheese and cheese-cutter set.

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