Thursday, January 21, 2010

Golf Tournament Slogans How Do I Offer To Pay For The Golf Tournament?

How do I offer to pay for the golf tournament? - golf tournament slogans

I was invited by one of my clients to a golf tournament in a few weeks ago when one of four players. I accepted and I am happy to go! I spoke with my boss and he wants to pay the bill for everything. How can I offer to pay? I know what country club, but I know that you put into the tournament.

I am sure that the right etiqutte because I invited him. If I had asked to be easy.

It should say something, now or in the day of the tournament?


David B said...

Golf games are a great way for groups to raise funds. There are good chances that your client collects a group of four people, as you are! He / she wants to know a little better and have a good time with. Call him / her and tell her that when he spoke to his boss at the exit, his boss offered to sponsor his quartet. The customer will probably be excited that your boss enough in it for the day, sponsor and help you get interested in your business relationship.

Of course, your customer can already do with regard to the same. Perhaps to buy when the customer paid for the Quartet, we can obtain information on the issue and is more than your employer may sponsor a hole sponsorship, beer, all sorts of options. Golf games are a lot of fun, but do not be discouraged if your paying customer.

lovesgol... said...

Find out if it for a good cause.
A gift may be in order, and is more suitable.
It is also sometimes a gift for the person who invited you, like a box of balls a good gesture of thanks.

Spartan Golfer said...

Suffice it to say, "Let me help you" or something.

Thomas said...

explain that your boss is collecting information and then call the Country Club for change.

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