Monday, January 25, 2010

Old Fart Youngtarts Jarda Wendy Why Did Robert Plant Win The Grammies? Is It Because He Is An Old Fart Who Old Farts Tell Us Is Important?

Why did robert plant win the grammies? Is it because he is an old fart who old farts tell us is important? - old fart youngtarts jarda wendy

Seriously, it was a joke. I have never heard the album. They did the same last year with Herbie Hancock. I'm 24 and I shell not be a voice for young people or so, but it should not really reflect the Grammys, what is popular today?


cheri h said...

Dude ... You want to tell me you've never heard of Led Zeppelin ??????

siesteph said...

no way

Music (if that's what they call it) of today is not music.

To listen to real music, because a few years ago

Listen to Led Zeppelin, Rush,
All (Oldies) are what real music is all new.

Chagall said...

As the album was crap, there's nothing better when he won the prize.

carytop said...

the proverbial nail in the coffin of any tour Zeppelin ...

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