Friday, January 22, 2010

Salvage Yamaha R1 How Much? 2005 Yamaha R1?

How much? 2005 Yamaha R1? - salvage yamaha r1

I'm trying to sell Yamaha R1 rescue in 2005 with a title. The damage was slight, but reached the insurance company anyway. The painting is in perfect condition and the body. It has chrome rims, but the rear wheel has some chrome flakes off. How long should I wait to get out of this situation? He asked for $ 7000


Female Biker Dog ! said...

At on trade in value

Chris R said...

It lacks a lot of information. especially mileage. equally important.

If the bike has 3000 miles on this issue, I would like the $ 6,500. if he has 15,000 miles it, you'll be glad to receive $ 5000

but vary in the region. Bicycles, CA and FL seem much more than just places with horse shorter time and lower cost of living.

chopperc... said...

Prices fall in winter anyway do not play in INTHE bicycle, but by a jap and Rescue is also good title.not

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