Friday, January 29, 2010

How To Paint A Bmx Rim I Have A All Black BMX Bike, Black Rims And Forks And Everything..what Color Shuld I Paint The Frame????

I have a all black BMX bike, black rims and forks and everything..what color shuld i paint the frame???? - how to paint a bmx rim

Pink, Green ..??? etccc


tweekerz... said...

Black is always a big color of the vehicle.
If you are easily recognizable, striped pink, green or neon colors or bumblebees.
If you want to be different, the painting of the structure, clean steel, hard and cold, then several layers of clear broth of raw metal.

fire8669 said...

Black is an excellent starting point. BMX bikes available here on the net and a fresh design. Then just copy what I did,

turkishj... said...

neon yellow.

<3 her said...

if you are good at art or know someone who might try to keep your personal frame design. anohter than one answer, if you stand with a neon light or something. Personally, I think a dark red box with a sort of black design is very ill.

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