Friday, January 1, 2010

Leg Lamp Night Light Leopard Gecko Pooing Problem?

Leopard Gecko Pooing Problem? - leg lamp night light

Hello, I'm looking for my children to Gecko for 4 months while he was outside the municipality. It moved with us live, via 7 / 8 weeks and I have no problem with pooing. He went there every day as normal, in 2 places on the front of the tank. But 3 weeks before it stopped. It took almost 2 weeks to go and was really fat on the underside of the rear tail /. We started to use the toilet while he was gone, and was never a lot of shit from both (1 1 / 2 inches). They danced in his stomach, legs moving backwards until it reaches it.Again was 10 days and still has a HES. You eat (about 15 lobsters in a week, spread the idea of the week. Do not eat their shit. It has plenty of water for drinking water spray calcuim in food products, artificial flowers, and some d Hat. A heating pad covered is your bed cabin. We use wood chips. The temperature has dropped to about 75 degrees, the reader is at the top of the tank above the heating pad, a colder here now, the temperature dropped to about 80-85 degrees.also a light in the night is at the top of the cage. We have tried to give him a bath, as already mentioned, and he did not like it anddidn't assistance. only the heat, as I have said, and no UV light inside the tank. always, when active in the tank. we can say that it is plugged into the back. The has't camp for 8 weeks, just before we do it. Could an infection, a heating problem, the heating pad only the temperature of 1, we must get the house heat to the heatig in a backup? looks very healthy, she is also unable Poo. All suggestions are welcome. Thank you very much


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