Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mount And Blade Unit Stats How Do You Get Your Party Limit To Increase On Mount & Blade?

How do you get your party limit to increase on Mount & Blade? - mount and blade unit stats

My limit is 30 or 33 years, and I want to enlarge. It is the level?


Shiny S said...

3 things that influence how many soldiers may have.

1 - Charisma: Charisma each element allows you to have more troops.

2-Leadership: Each point in the sense that you have 5 additional troops.

3-Reown you will be able to contribute more troops for every 25 you reown order. Reown Ganas difficult battles. The harder to win the battle of the reown most.

Just leveling alone will not you increase your limit.

Attractions in the development of leadership skills is the quickest way to increase your army limit.

But in the long run, made reown the biggest difference. (2500 limit reown increase his army of 100).

Walton G said...

Leadership and equipment, the ceiling of five sections for each level. This ability can be increased by more than one third of its total broadcasting, so that we have put some points on this issue. I recommend increasing your leadership, because the gentlemen have to 50-100 enemy troops appear, on average, and are at a disadvantage with only 33rd
Each time you level, I think the limit increases by too.

RockFore... said...

ur Charisma increase next level. Each point of the original charisma of the growth of the parties before 1

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