Monday, January 18, 2010

Lethal Dose Of Ambie What Is The Lethal Dose Of Fluoride?

What is the lethal dose of fluoride? - lethal dose of ambie

In the Wikipedia, which said it was "a lethal dose is 28 mg per kg body
But someone said it was 75mg. Different answers from different sources.
So what is the exact amount of fluoride, which will be fatal?


Manu said...

If ur talking about sodium fluoride, and the lethal dose per kilogram of the average man (70) is 5-10 g
When you speak of fluoride anions and its lethal dose of 0.125g / kg

Skeptic said...

You already have a good response, but the answer is not complete. There is no objective scientific studies, that the safe dose has been determined. The safe dose is determined subjectively. Sponsored studies are used by industry and researchers. If a child eats a tube of toothpaste flavor, which can be fatal.

One scholar has observed an effect in rats at a rate of 5 parts per million. The fluoridated water, 2 parts per million, with a concentration of 4 parts per million is considered dangerous. Even at this level I) consume so much water (as athletes who are considered to be unhealthy by the EPA. I went to Perrier (glass bottle , fluoride low).

Many people experience side effects with even lower doses. If you drink water for 30 or 40 years, fluoride, could be fatal for you as it accumulates in bones and other organs.

Dentists have a higher specific types of cancer due to exposure to fluoride and other chemicals. My sister is a victim.

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