Saturday, January 9, 2010

Business Walkie Talkies Help With Personal Issue With My Job?

Help with personal issue with my job? - business walkie talkies

Hello, can someone help me. I do not know what I'm talking to my boss about this problem I have. I know it's a bear bit long, but please contact me!

Therefore, I am deaf in my right ear. I have perfect hearing in my left ear, but sometimes, if my environment is too large, it can only detect hard and understand things. Now. I just started my new job at Old Navy. We use your walkie-(not too old talkies to communicate regularly go in your ear, but the big bulky, you can attach the pants and everything.) Sometimes when you are very busy, it can be difficult to hear the walkie talkie when is wet. Usually things are good, because I only planned on the cutting floor or clothing'm leveling. So usually there is very much one walkie-talkie business for me.

However, the last time I have a backup fund. If the regular fund had a long tail, called me clothes on the floor lead to the registration work, and online help below. Well, a couple of times notListen to the walkie talkie! We were busy and the people around me were strong, and I have not heard. I do not want any trouble, and I do not want to sound like I'm lazy! I am a very hard worker, and I have no problem, a backup cashier or anything with a walkie-talkie. But I feel I know my manager.

How can I talk to my boss about this? What can I say? Can they fire me for hearing be affected? Thank you!


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