Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Using 779 Film In One Step What Kind Of Instant Film Should I Buy For My One Step Polaroid Land Camera?

What kind of instant film should i buy for my one step polaroid land camera? - using 779 film in one step

I know I could buy a movie at Time Zero Walgreens or Kmart, but after 2009, I am not sure that is still for sale. Someone knows what can I do?
If yours Do not take more time zero, everyone, if I may use 600 or 779 films. Or to the cessation of the sale? If it still does not sell, and if they disagreed with the Polaroid camera that I am, where I buy it can work?


uhm101 said...

600 or 779 is adapted for the stage. All integral Polaroid film pack has been discontinued - any film that remains in a store is therefore unfortunately not available.

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