Saturday, February 20, 2010

Regal Kitchen Pro Breadmaker Model K6743 Parts How Do I Contact Regal Appliances. I Have A Kitchen Pro Breadmaker Model No. K6743.?

How do I contact Regal Appliances. I have a Kitchen Pro Breadmaker Model No. K6743.? - regal kitchen pro breadmaker model k6743 parts

I need the control panel and support panel that connects the machine.


Chief Whachusa said...

I have tried to find a diagram of the parts and repair manual, but no luck. From what I have seen the appearance that does not seem a useful resource shelves for their customers, most blogs noted that the standard response is that the model is discontinued.
However, I came to the manual that you can find an 800 number on the last page (58). ...
Regal side, but have not found a real useful information on the land.

Legend in your own mind! said...

I do not condescending, but the bread is very easy to move from one machine. People have for centuries by the hand. In fact, I make two loaves of bread or a whole form and dipped a sponge in Nice in half an hour. Breadmaker Bread shit .. I have a book of good cooking and learn the process. You will be happier and save money on these spam machines. I sell scrap metal and machinery to the bread more than a single device to collect, as people throw more often than paper plates ..
Other than that .. no idea .. Google for that term, which you have mentioned.

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