Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Matula Tea Scam Matula Tea Claims To Cure H. Pylori Infection In The Stomach. Is It Real?

Matula tea claims to cure H. Pylori infection in the stomach. Is it real? - matula tea scam

No, you should consult a doctor if you suspect, H. Pyloru. If left untreated, lead to stomach cancer for years.


Margaret H said...

Not sure, but I H. pylori and I'm taking antibiotics until early August. If this fails, I'll probably still Matula tea as an alternative to. Ulcer cure.com said Matula Tea is more effective because it is "a larger area of the lining of the stomach cover and saturate the bacteria in the liquid, which is enough time for the killing.

essentia... said...

My ex claimed that Santa Claus is real?


Cow dung is basically the digested residue of herbivorous matter which symbiotic bacteria in the rumen of animals affect life.

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