Thursday, February 11, 2010

How To Renew Temporary Visitors Drivers License In Nyc Does The INS Request To Interview Me And My U.S. Spouse?

Does the INS request to interview me and my U.S. spouse? - how to renew temporary visitors drivers license in nyc

I have green card valid for 2 years and ended 15 months ago. I have after I married my husband to the United States. A month before its expiry, fills me with a permanently separated a month after my husband. I received a letter from the INS to ask me more, to prove that my marriage was bona fide. I shall not much, since they separated. Will they reject my application? What would be your advice? Can you refresh my temporary residence permit has expired? I was told when I have completed 12 months, an additional bonus, so how can I get more time to add? Serious answers PLEASE!


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