Monday, February 1, 2010

Best Way To Send Books Overseas What's The Best Way To Curl My Hair And Keep It Curly?

What's the best way to curl my hair and keep it curly? - best way to send books overseas

I curl my hair almost every day and in the end of the day, always returns to normal or even directly! My hair is in Asia, and I need a way to make my hair curly, the best way to find without too harmful loop. Thank you.


SalUK said...

Get a permanent body, perhaps? Mine is the same as - the pliers and paint the job, but falls quickly!

Alison M said...

I have the hair before curling the hair of the mouse, it works for me, it stays curly.

cool.kat said...

Move the cursor over it and then curl with tongs or straighteners following spray
24 hours in the body spray is small xxx

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