Friday, November 6, 2009

Serials And Keys We How To Uninstall A Specific Program With Its Registered Keys?

How to uninstall a specific program with its registered keys? - serials and keys we

How can I uninstall a program with all its components, such as the serial number ..
For example I have a shareware program that I bought the clock and the serial number of the program and now I want to uninstall and delete the set of keys, as well ..
I've tried to uninstall normally, but when I to install again I have my serial number is still there ...

so any ideas? I have heard that there are software eliminates such programs


Exclusive boy.... said...

u already check whether the usual procedure, which means "add and remove and does nothing, so I prefer to" c clean "is a better software that can delete all of them and along with your application to use this software + U How to repair registry problems

Here is the link for download / download
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