Friday, November 13, 2009

Schizoid Personality Disorder More Condition_symptoms Schizoid Personality Disorder: Don't You Think We Are Far More Observant & Deep Thinkers Than Others?

Schizoid Personality Disorder: Don't you think we are far more observant & deep thinkers than others? - schizoid personality disorder more condition_symptoms

This question is for people who suffer from schizophrenia, schizoid, schizotypal and schizoid personality disorder.

Do not think we are much more attentive and very deep thinkers than others? As he tends to be much more about government, religion, media, etc. in our lives and forecasts think that the truth behind this?

I know I have things I saw and understood to see, but much is in a negative way, but where in this world. (I will not do that here in public because its 352 pages to write, but I have seen, observed, experienced and understand certain things that are) hard to see, "" I'm not saying I'm the smartest ever lived and I will not say that everything I think is true, but I am not saying that you are that people with personality disorders more prone to think, observe and understand that the happiest people and discover different things to normal and secrets that actually have happened in this life?

I also spoke with ABreality not fantasy btw


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