Saturday, November 7, 2009

Diy Long Travel Acura '92 Integra Won't Start Pehaps A Fuel Problem?

Acura '92 integra won't start pehaps a fuel problem? - diy long travel

So I hope to avoid the costs of diagnosis and hopes that an answer can be found for themselves. The other day I was driving my sister to work and back home to have. Cathode is much higher. Thinking it might inserted because of low fuel more and it seemed fine. The next day was go to church and was killed is about 200 meters and the car. The fuel pump is to participate, because I can hear the battery is new and works well, and the starter is getting thinner. One thing, however in recent months, I've sometimes at high speeds found my tachometer starts undecided at 3k, but I have no doubt that the behavior is. But the hill was demolished up to the starting point of the temple in large be reset, as I send the gas to the floor. You think it's only a candle or a problem with fuel filter. Both of which I do it myself all the time can be the fuel filter is ;-)


twiztid_... said...

This could be a number of things ... And can or the tachometer are not linked either.

Dirty air filters ... replace
Replacement spark plugs, a missing ...
"The spark gaps wrong ... Find specifications, gap, proper spacing
Pump operates at low gain dirt in the fuel
Dirty fuel filter change ...
Dirty injectors ... Managing fuel injector cleaner (half bottle filling the tank. Use the rest when you fill it again.

Electric fuel injection continues:
Membrane fuel distribution added (not the fuel injectors to long-range test to start the car again with the gas removal. Then you see a spark plug if its wet with fuel, and if not, then you know somthin with fuel distributors in the relaxation of the supply of fuel to see if the scope of the fuel distributor. can (under pressure. precaution) fuel and, if so, is the distributor of the problem and can try to lock with a kind of sledgehammer no Closed. Unless , there could be clogged fuel filter or pump without premium.
Cold StLeaking Fuel Line Art ... Repair or replacement
"Fugue in a vacuum ... find leak repair or replace ...
Incorrect fuel pressure ... Right to manufacture specifications

And other possibilities:
"Bad timing (ignition and fuel-firing bad)
Loss of fuel line
"The first song of the fuel pump

Good luck ...

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