Friday, November 6, 2009

Implantation Bleeding, Pieces Of Lining Could It Be Implantation Bleeding Or Is That Just Another False Alarm?

Could it be implantation bleeding or is that just another false alarm? - implantation bleeding, pieces of lining

All had unprotected sex two days a month inclusive. Supported) chest pain and tender 17 days (March 21, before the next round. 7. April 2007. Done the last night of sex and this morning I started to become a place pink panties body was then turned to light brown bleeding on the ball that far. During the 1 Stream urine, no blood stains light pink and pink and red tissue after wiping it with a little black lump of blood similar to the structure of the endometrium cos it is not broken by rubbing, stretching and feels like a piece of skin. However, the spots on the wafer is still brown from tomorrow at 0830hrs to 1640hrs now. I still have pain in the chest and now offer and have a metallic taste in the mouth for 2 days. Could it be implantation bleeding or could be pregnant, but because of bleeding sex last night? Lately, during sex, he felt a knot where my husband is in me. Please help. I'm confused. Am I pregnant or not yet re-thought.


Kandi K said...

Not experience implantation bleeding in most women. As a rule, is bright red or pink, brown and not very bright spots. Not enough to fill a book. If you spot a rule 6.12 days after ovulation. Stains can also be identified. Chest pain is a common symptom of first pregnancy, but is also a sign of PMS. A pregnancy test to feel at home if you develop symptoms, hormones must be strong enough to demonstrate in a test. Consult a doctor about the masses, "" feel during intercourse. Good luck.

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